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What about your Terms and Conditions?
See the Ordering page.

How long do the wicks last?
Our wicks last indefinitely as they are simply transporters for the oil. They are also adjustable in order to control the size of the flame. Follow the instructions carefully
in order to ensure the longevity of your wick.

How do I fill a candle with oil?
After removing the wick use the funnel supplied to fill via the apperture at the top of the glass.

Do I have to buy oil separately?
Yes. Many candle shops and DIY stores sell the oil, but we can supply it in the UK if you have any difficulty finding it locally. We supply some of the highest quality LAMP OIL available. It is virtually odourless and has a very high flash point (It will only ignite at high temperatures as per British safety standard requirements).

What about coloured oil?
The glass and the oil are all clear, although you can still buy coloured oils in some countries. Our TINTS allow you to colour your oil to just about any shade imaginable. Each 10ml bottle will colour approx 2 litres of oil. These dropper bottles allow you to mix and match, drop by drop, until you achieve your desired colour. They have no effect on the quality of the oil.

We do not sell scented oils, although our incense burner maybe just the trick. Simply add some water into the vessel above the oil-candle, then add a few drops of essential oil (widely available), light the candle, and you're away...

Are they safe?
You should always exercise caution with naked flames. All of our glass, however, is pyrex, and our oil has a high flash point as per British safety standard requirements. If you live outside the UK you will need to ensure that the candles and oil comply with local legal requirements and restrictions.

Please read the instructions carefully before using the candles.