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We offer a full range of spares and accessories. Please note, however, that candle prices include everything you need except the oil. (They come complete with wicks, instructions, and funnel.)

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Lamp Oil
We can supply oil in the UK if you are unable to purchase it locally. 500ml - 3.00 GBP, 5.50 USD, 4.30 Euro

Tints, to colour oil
1 GBP, 1.70 USD, 1.50 Euro

To fill candles - 0.95 GBP, 1.70 USD, 1.40 Euro

Wicks (Collar and fibre-glass string)
Varying lengths - 3 GBP, 5 USD, 4.50 Euro

Fibre-glass string for wick collars
1 metre - 5 GBP, 9 USD, 7 Euro

Small glass balls on rod for metal range
7 GBP, 12 USD, 10.50 Euro

6 inch Diamond glass for Spiral
9 GBP, 16 USD, 13 Euro

12 inch Diamond glass for Spiral Tall
12 GBP, 22 USD, 18 Euro

Please note that US Dollar and Euro prices are approximate and correct conversions will be displayed before any transaction is finalised.